Alana Nicole Kocich


Artist Statement

One thing that I know is that we are not alone in this world. There is something superior, a monstrosity of an existence, this Greater Being that our trivial minds cannot begin to fathom. This knowledge forces me to accept my size in an immeasurable universe. Oftentimes when I recognize how brief life is, I fall victim to fear and uncertainty about my humanly purpose. But I have recently been able to quiet my fear with the discovery of my own spiritual identity. In my paintings I draw from the dualities between science and spirituality, birth and death, darkness and light. I search to develop a symbiotic relationship between them. I envision my fears dissipating in the comfort and beauty of the transcendental morning light as it bathes the landscape.

I am passionate about photographing dynamic light and skies, and I often return to these images for references. I find that painting from memory allows me to depend on intuition to fabricate the essence of an emotion, rather than render the landscape in great detail. My art seizes a glimpse in time, a memory frozen in all of its glory.

To spread paint, to meld colors and transform a stark white canvas into a beautiful object of worth is completely liberating. In a way, the act of creating, of making my mark upon a canvas, is a means of developing a greater understanding of myself, thus validating my very existence. In a world populated by billions of people, I am small. But I am an artist and my voice is worth hearing. Perhaps I am bigger than I thought.